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Terms & Conditions

Please help us run a free, fair and professional Hub by respecting the following rules.

  1. You may invite other users, in fact we encourage you to invite as many people as possible BUT due to the sensitive nature of this topic, so please only invite people that you trust and people that will enhance the Hub.

  2. Treat other members of the Hub respectfully and professionally.

  3. No obscene or abusive language, threats or bullying. Criticism is OK, but please criticise ideas and not people. Don't post confidential or other proprietary information that you don't have permission to post.

  4. Don't violate copyright, fair use, or financial disclosure laws. If in doubt please link to the source.

  5. Don’t cross-post the same thing multiple times.

  6. If you see an issue, contact the moderators if possible or flag any comments for review.

  7. If you believe someone has violated the Basic Rules, report it

  8. Stay on-topic and try to make sure your messages match the general theme of the group and/or discussion.

Terms & Conditions

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